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I'm Mary Lynn Lipscomb, and my goal as a certified GAPS™ practitioner is to initiate lifestyle changes in my clients that will lead to improved health and well being. On this site you will learn about GAPS™ (Gut and Psychology Syndrome™), a concept developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride in 2004 that explains the links between the health of the gut and the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Dr. Campbell-McBride has connected a broad spectrum of maladies including autism, ADHD, ADD, OCD, etc. to an imbalance in the gut flora and damage to the lining of the intestine.

In my practice, I consult with clients to help them develop an understanding of the connection between health of the gastrointestinal tract and the symptoms they are experiencing. Most "GAPS™ people" have physical AND developmental, mental and/or emotional symptoms. Working together, we determine what changes need to be made to take charge of the problem and clients are provided with the tools they need to make informed choices that, in many cases, bring about profound results.

As you explore my website you will find information on GAPS™ and its related health implications. You can also find information about setting up consulting sessions, joining a GAPS™ group, either in person or virtually. Finally, you will find a wealth of resources that will be invaluable to you as you begin your quest for healthier living.



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Mary Lynn has been a healthcare professional for more than 28 years. This experience includes 12 years of private practice as a nurse consultant. In addition to her practical knowledge of the industry, Mary Lynn has an extensive educational background, which includes:

  • BSN: Eastern Mennonite College–1983
  • MSN: University of Virginia–1988
  • Certified Holistic Nurse Certifcation: AHNA–2004
  • Certified GAPS Practioner–2011